Strategic Process Integration: Creating a Unified Energy and Environmental Management Systems Model for Wastewater Treatment Plants


Green environmental practices are increasingly important in combating serious global energy and environmental issues. Most wastewater treatment facilities were built when energy costs were not a concern; however, increasing energy demand, changing climatic conditions and constrained energy supplies have resulted in the need to apply more energy-conscious choices in the maintenance or upgrade of existing wastewater treatment facilities. A detailed analysis of the majority of water and wastewater treatment services shows that most of the facilities operate far below the efficiency levels needed for effective energy use. Failure to comply with regulated environmental standards is also a problem. Although standards exist for both energy and environmental management systems, no integrated process has been developed to address the concerns of those communities wishing to lessen their environmental impact while also reducing energy utilization rates. This paper presents an integrated energy and environmental management systems model. It offers a holistic view of both approaches, maps linkages, and suggests an integrated process design capable of meeting highperforming energy management and environmental standards.

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30th Annual National Conference of the American Society for Engineering Management (2009: Oct. 14-17, Springfield, MO)


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Energy Conservation And Utilization; Process Integration; Strategic Management; Wastewater Treatment Systems; Environmental Standards; Integrated Process Designs; Wastewater Treatment Facilities; Environmental Impact; Environmental Management Systems; Reclamation; Standards

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