Patient Satisfaction Metrics in Healthcare


The healthcare industry has transitioned to a patient-centered care focus. This research supports Veteran-centered patient care within Prosthetic and Sensory Aids Service Line (Prosthetics) processes by developing methods to gather, display, and act on the voice of the customer. Specifically, the research aim is to develop and test sustainable and reliable methods of "hearing", displaying, and acting on the "Voice of the Veteran". This research identifies the customer base as it is critical to understand who the customers are by describing the customers by key customer segments. The key customer segments are used to measure/determine what the Veterans' (customers') value and do not value. The focus of this research was to develop a metric or group of metrics to assess and monitor Veterans' satisfaction with Prosthetics' services for the key customer segments. The metrics were developed such that they enable hearing, displaying, and acting on the Voice of the Veteran (customer). The metrics are Veteran-centric and timely in order to highlight areas for improvement. Specifically, the metrics address areas of value for the patient's experience of care with Prosthetics. This paper presents how these metrics were developed.

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International Annual Conference of the American Society for Engineering Management (2013: Oct. 3-5, Minneapolis, MN)


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Healthcare; Patient Satisfaction; Patient-Centered Care; Quality; Voice Of The Customer; Audition; Image Quality; Prosthetics; Research; Sales; Customer Segments; Patient Satisfaction; Patient-Centered Care; Reliable Methods

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