An Analysis of Integrating of Lean and Safety


In today's competitive world, organizations are turning to lean techniques to improve productivity. However, misapplication of lean techniques may lead to overlooking safety issues which may cause health problems and safety accidents. The amount of money companies spend on compensation claims is fundamentally a waste - which is against the basic principle of lean to reduce waste. Companies trying to implement lean should try to augment their lean initiatives with a motive to address safety and health concerns. The lean philosophies have been around for some time and their potential to turn around the performance of organizations is well known. However, the adverse effect on the health and safety issues due to the misapplication of lean techniques has not yet been explored adequately. The awareness levels of the relationship between safety and lean among the lean practitioners are not quite clear. The purpose of this research is to investigate whether companies are integrating safety or ergonomics with lean and, if so, at what levels. A survey was conducted to gauge the effects of training lean facilitators in ergonomics principles. The results of the survey are presented to show the impact of lean on safety.

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30th Annual National Conference of the American Society for Engineering Management 2009: ASEM 2009 (2009: Oct. 14-17; Springfield, MO)


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Psychological Science

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Adverse effect; Basic principles; Ergonomics principles; Health and safety issues; Lean techniques; Safety accidents; Safety and healths; Safety issues; Ergonomics; Industry; Philosophical aspects; Surveys; Safety engineering

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