Quite often, when engineers are exposed to a manufacturing environment on the job for the first time, they undergo a baptism by fire. The environment forces them to deal with situations that integrate many different bodies of knowledge. Reliance on concepts acquired in the academic environment is crucial to their success. Unfortunately, lacking in most academic environments, is any experience through which some or all of these concepts are integrated. In a continuing effort to enhance educational practices in Manufucturing/Systems Engineering programs and perhaps improve the preparedness of a young engineer, the CITE (Computer Integrated Technological Enterprise) tool offers educators a mechanism through which several important concepts can be integrated and presented to students in a meaningful way.

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Fourth International Conference on Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Automation Technology, 1994


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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CITE; Computer Integrated Technological Enterprise Tool; Education Enhancement; Educational Technology; Factory Automation; Manufacturing Environment; Simulation; Software Packages; Training

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