This paper focuses on emergent phenomena and the utilization of computer simulations, basically agent-based modeling to understand emergent phenomena. Agent-based simulation models have a promising future in the social sciences, from management to economies, political science, sociology and anthropology. This paper attempts to realize their full scientific potential by reviewing recent applications in engineering management and addresses the set of challenges confronted by this method. Common methodology for constructing an agent-based model is also discussed with the aim of highlighting how artificial life and management can be brought together to develop decision making aid tools.

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Engineering Management Conference, 2003. IEMC '03. Managing Technologically Driven Organizations: The Human Side of Innovation and Change


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Adaptive Systems; Agent Based Modeling; Agent Based Simulation; Anthropology; Artificial Life; Computer Simulations; Decision Making; Decision Support Systems; Digital Simulation; Economies; Emergent Phenomena; Engineering Management; Political Science; Social Sciences; Social Sciences Computing; Sociology; Software Agents; Tool Development

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Article - Conference proceedings

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