System of systems (SoS) architecting techniques rely on traditional, static tools that were designed for classical stove-piped systems. There is a need for tools that can capture the complex adaptive nature of such SoS. An architecture search methodology using genetic algorithms and a fuzzy assessor was applied to the conceptual architecture design of a generic smart grid and a set of architectures with high fitness was obtained. This set of architectures is intended to serve as a starting point for a systems architect to ultimately be able to converge on the best system design. The SoS architecting process has largely remained heuristic in nature and there exists a need for quantitative and analytical models. The research presented in this paper provides a starting point for a mathematical basis to the SOS architecting process.

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3rd Annual IEEE Systems Conference


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Computational Intelligence; Conceptual Architecture; Net-Centric

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Article - Conference proceedings

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