Network Centric Operation Implementations in Several Domains


A current focus in building military systems is the use of network based approaches. This is exemplified in the concepts of Network Centric Operations (NCO), Network Enabled Capabilities (NEC) or Network Based Defense (NBD). These concepts are, in part, inspired and motivated by the network based approaches that have revolutionized conducting business and operations in commercial domains across a wide spectrum of activities. Network centric systems in the commercial domain display a number of interesting capabilities. These included the means to integrate extremely large groups of users into effective systems of systems with time constants measured on the order of hours/days. The basic network centric enablers used in these systems fall into several major categories. This paper examines several high level architectures used in network centric operations for a number of non-military network based systems; a 'bricks and mortar' retailer, on-line 'eCommerce' businesses, and in software development. This examination is done by means of a literature survey and focuses on the interaction patterns that the systems must support, important capabilities the systems provide and important architectural enablers.


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Network Based Defense (NBD); Network Centric Operations (NCO); Network Enabled Capabilities (NEC); Systems of Systems; Netcentric computing

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Article - Conference proceedings

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