A Study of Antenna-to-Antenna Coupling Prediction with Fuzzy Inference System


This paper focuses on the study an application of the Fuzzy Inference System (FIS) to assist predicting the Antenna-to-Antenna Coupled (AAC) electromagnetic interference (EMI) at the frequency ranges of 30 MHz and 1710 MHz on a platform such as an aircraft. The FIS AAC prediction is brought about because of an exact prediction of AAC EMI on a platform has been somewhat difficult and complex by using the traditional analytical techniques. For this reason, using the FIS models with the Matlab to predict the AAC will be in the best interest of the engineering practive and provides practical results. The advantage of using the FIS method over the traditional analytical for predicting the AAC is that the FIS method includes the uncertainty margins, which are: the antenna cabling-loss, the geodesics path loss, and the surface reflection over the airframe. This study demonstrates more facoring to the FIS method than the traditional method during systems engineering trade-offs study.


Engineering Management and Systems Engineering

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Antenna-Toantenna Couplet (AAC); Electromagnetic Interference (EMI); Fuzzy Inference System (FIS)

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Article - Conference proceedings

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