Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Dissertations

Engineering Management and Systems Engineering Dissertations



Dissertations from 2017


Multi-objective combinatorial optimization problems in transportation and defense systems, Hadi Farhangi


Environmental hazard identification, assessment and control for a sustainable maritime transportation system, Lizzette Marie Pérez Lespier

Dissertations from 2016


A domain independent method to assess system of system meta-architectures using domain specific fuzzy information, Louis Edward Pape II


Multi-level evolutionary algorithms resource allocation utilizing model-based systems engineering, Bhanuchander Reddy Poreddy

Dissertations from 2015


Detection and recognition of R/F devices based on their unintended electromagnetic emissions using stochastic and computational intelligence methods, Shikhar Prasad Acharya


Computational intelligence based complex adaptive system-of-systems architecture evolution strategy, Siddharth Agarwal


Modeling supply chain interdependent critical infrastructure systems, Varun Ramachandran

Dissertations from 2014


A contingency base camp framework using model based systems engineering and adaptive agents, Dustin Scott Nottage


Identifying and overcoming the barriers to sustainable construction, Cristin Szydlik

Dissertations from 2013


Real options modeling and valuation of price adjustment flexibility with an application to the leasing industry, Ahmed Al sharif


Risk analysis: comparative study of various techniques, Hanan Mohammad Altabbakh


The role of face-to-face interactions in the success of virtual project teams, Lawrence Raymond Blenke


Two essays on dynamic programming and reinforcement learning, Shuva Ghosh


Development of an integrative commissioning methodology for new-building construction, William LeRoy Gillis III


A comparison of American and Asian automakers' vehicles in quality, reliability, and safety, Ozge Senoz

Dissertations from 2012


The effects of personal protective respirators on human motor, visual, and cognitive skills, Anas Ahmed AlGhamri


Two essays on the domain translation from financial options to real options, Hongyan Chen


Analyzing risk and catastrophic accidents: using LOPA and human factors to improve safety in generic projects, Siddharth B. Damle


Decreasing time to market for a medical device: new methods for the product development process, Kelly Marie Davis


Dynamic decision making under uncertainty in renewable energy portfolio management and inventory management, Jianjun Deng


A socio-technical analysis of widespread electric vehicle adoption, Onanwa Nneka Egbue


Modelling interruptions of human-in-the loop tasks, Muhammet Servet Gulum


Real-time supply chain predictive metrics, William Scott Hunter


The pricing of multiple exercisable American-style real options, Yu Meng


Sustainable engineering practices in transportation projects, Kiran Rangarajan


A comparison analysis of defensive routines and theories-in-use of engineering and non-engineering managers, Tyria Riley


Analyses of alternative energy deployments, Mathew Thomas


Search-based system architecture development using a holistic modeling approach, Renzhong Wang


Strategic management and entrepreneurship as economic development tools, Norbert Ziemer

Dissertations from 2011


Assessing system architectures: the Canonical Decomposition Fuzzy Comparative methodology, Jason Paul Dauby


Workforce planning models for semiconductor manufacturing: assembly-test operations, Shrikant Jarugumilli


Integrated computational intelligence and Japanese candlestick method for short-term financial forecasting, Takenori Kamo


Exploratory study of barriers to use of Feigenbaum's quality cost strategy within design engineering firms, David Patrick Loduca


Architecture value mapping: using fuzzy cognitive maps as a reasoning mechanism for multi-criteria conceptual design evaluation, Atmika Singh

Dissertations from 2010


Emerging technology supply chain model for additive manufacturing, David M. Dietrich


Application of quality engineering to investment portfolio selection and optimization, Vivek Kulinchandra Jikar


Sensor data-based decision making, Ahmet Soylemezoglu

Dissertations from 2009


Hydrogen infrastructure: resource evaluation and capacity modeling, Kevin B. Martin

Dissertations from 2008


Predicting and reducing warranty costs by considering customer expectation and product performance, Naresh Kumar Sharma


Speculation and hedging with virtuals, Prasenjit Shil

Neutral representation for simulation constructs, Rawinkhan Srinon

Dissertations from 2007

Development and analysis of derivative trading systems using artificial intelligence, Sunisa Amornwattana


The development of hybrid intelligent systems for technical analysis based equivolume charting, Thira Chavarnakul


The development and application of a systematic approach to evaluating an academic department's brand meaning, Cassie Elrod


Architecting system of systems: artificial life analysis of financial market behavior, Nil Hande Ergin

Case studies of mergers & acquisitions: best practices for technology transfer, Ildefonso Gonzalez Artigas

Technology-driven change management: motivation and stakeholder acceptance in virtual supply chains, Suzanna Long


Modeling network traffic on a global network-centric system with artificial neural networks, Douglas K. Swift


An indirect loss estimation methodology to account for regional earthquake damage to highway bridges, Chakkaphan Tirasirichai

Dissertations from 2006


Evaluation of the effect of vehicle performance on consumer satisfaction, Elizabeth A. Cudney

An analysis of continuous improvement in lean enterprise and six sigma approaches, Wende J. Huehn-Brown

Domain adaptive control architecture for advanced manufacturing systems, Lakshmanan Meyyappan

An integrated analysis of inventory and transportation problem: a simulation study, Anuwat Sriudom

Variations on the integrated inventory and transportation problem, Wichitsawat Suksawat Na Ayudhya

Dissertations from 2005


Virtual teams: an exploratory study of the effect of leader behavior on team effectiveness, Leroy Rogers Cox


Virtual project team leadership: a comparison of opposing theories, Thomas J. Holland III

Financial prediction and trading via reinforcement learning and soft computing, Hailin Li

Cost allocation using intelligent agents for new transmission investment under electricity deregulation, Jakapun Mepokee


Auction-based decision making for distributed real-time control of flexible manufacturing systems, Thananun Siwamogsatham

Dissertations from 2004

An integrated control framework for discrete event systems, Nebil Buyurgan

The role of acquisitions in high technology firms' profitability and performance, Karla M. Callahan

Factors leading to successful application of improvement tools for quality management, Bassam A. Elmaimani

The development of efficient delivery routes in extremely short product life-cycle environments, Pisit Hetrakul

Evaluation of functionality changes in regulatory control system processes case study: airworthiness qualification process, Melvin Leo Johnson

Project valuation for the strategic management of research and development, Neal Lewis

Development of focus group analysis approach for new product introduction: a case study in biopharamaceuticals, Kalayanee Poon-asawasombat

Quantification of attribute driven product cannibalization induced by new product introduction, Sundara Raghavan Srinivasan

Dissertations from 2003

Evolvability in the phylogeny of the ontogenesis of artificial networks of spiking neurons, Amber D. Fischer

SimNet: a neural network architecture for pattern recognition and data mining, Hsi-Chieh Lee

An analysis of intermodal transportation mode selection considering stochastic system parameters, Tartat Mokkhamakkul

An analysis of the relationship between work measurement and Total Quality Management (TQM), Esin Sadikoğlu

Evolving neural networks in classification, Sunghwan Sohn

Development and analysis of intelligent computation based stock forecasting and trading systems, Suraphan Thawornwong

Dissertations from 2002

A comparative study of Just-In-Time (JIT) and Theory of Constraints (TOC) systems with varying constraint locations and operational characteristics, Pirun Hemmondharop

Effective leadership for total quality management, Paul D. Hirtz

A study of early adopters of technology in the independent telephone industry, William Ralph Kehr

Development of an ISO 9000 advisory team, Hsien-Tsung Liao

The relationship between R&D spending and shareholder returns in high technology industries, Darrel Aloysius Mank

Factors influencing success in the packaging machinery integration process, Tunyarut Viriyapituk

Dissertations from 2001

Global stock index forecasting using multiple generalized regression neural networks with a gating network, Parinya Disorntetiwat

Data mining through neuro-fuzzy-genetic architecture, Korakot Hemsathapat

Exploratory study of external technology transfer between public research institute and small medium-sized firms: the case of Korea, Jingyu Lee

Dissertations from 2000

Characteristics of Thailand's automotive industry managers based on the SYMLOG model, Panat Boonkham

Dissertations from 1999

The design and analysis of a metalcutting coolant/lubricant application system for delivery of a soy based cutting fluid, Richard Neal Callahan

A hybrid intelligent model for rapid assessment of military bridging procedures, Nola Rebecca Johnson

Development of an integrated hyper-harmonic software-based noise filter for digital data conditioning, Rungsan Kajornsin

Development of a warrant-pricing model for the Thai warrant market, Popanit Poommarapan

An empirical model for development and implementation of benchmarking, Afshan Sadeghi

The relationships between ethnological culture, corporate culture and total quality management: an exploratory study across three continents, Andres Avelino Sousa-Poza

The effects of leadership style on total quality management implementation, Rhonda Diane Turvey

Dissertations from 1998

Development of a customer satisfaction model for the single customer-supplier relationship, John F. Bade

Total quality management and corporate financial performance: an analysis of the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award criteria, Alice Brigid Beechner

The effectiveness of internet-based technology in engineering education, Rosemarie Maffei Evans

Covariance of engineering management characteristics with engineering employee performance, Andrew Arthur Hesketh

The impact of learning styles using web-based asynchronous distance learning to enhance instruction by electrical engineering students, Marcus André Huggans

Integrated packaging system design for advanced developing countries, Özgür Polat

A concurrent engineering based methodology for the design of agile manufacturing systems, Manoon Sivapiromrat

The impact of training and culture on leadership values and perceptions at the United States Army Engineer School, Ted Alan Thomas

Design for serviceability: evaluation and modeling methodologies, Jiangping Wang

Dissertations from 1997

Towards strategic planning for indigenizing the workforce in the Saudi Arabian private sector, Abdulrahman Suliman Alturaigi