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THE Faculty and the student body of the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy cordially welcome fathers and mothers of students and all other visitors and guests to this 1945 Parents’ and Engineers’ Day. Now that the war is ended, we are all looking forward to outstanding achievements in engineering and scientific developments in civilian life and to the important place college trained engineers will have in these developments. We are happy to have the opportunity to open our laboratories and class-rooms for your inspection and to demonstrate a few of the many phases of engineering education now being carried on at this institution.

During the war the School of Mines shouldered its load in teaching the trainee of the Army Specialized Training Program. It is now ready to train the returned veteran for his place in the peaceful industrial age now at hand. The regular four-year college engineering course leading to the Bachelor of Science degree is available for those who desire the best in engineering training. A special one or two-year program has been established for veterans who wish engineering training as technicians.

You will find listed in this booklet various laboratories and departments of the School and certain government agencies which are located on the campus. The Engineers’ Day exhibits and the points of interest in the various departments are briefly described on the following pages. A number of departments located in a single building are mentioned in a group and given under the heading of the building; the order follows the suggested route for a visit of the entire campus; the map on the back cover of this program shows the location of the buildings.

Members of Blue Key and Alpha Phi Omega service fraternities are acting as student guides to conduct you on your tour of the campus. In addition, special guides will describe the exhibits in. various departments.

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Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy


Rolla, Missouri


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Parents' Day, Engineers’ Day Program
Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy
Rolla, Missouri
October 13, 1945

Parents' Day • Engineers' Day (1945)