Electrical and Computer Engineering Masters Theses

Electrical and Computer Engineering Masters Theses



Theses from 2002

A new approach to secondary voltage control, Chengyue Guo


Differential signal characterization, VNA calibration and loss extraction of transmission lines, Xiaoxiong Gu

Estimating power bus noise in low-cost printed circuits boards, Huihui Hu

Design & analysis of 2 X 2 quantum resistor networks for parallel electron wave computing, Nallu Madhu Kiran

Spatial point processes for airborne minefield detection, Sitaramaraju Kummamuru

Implementation of low-complexity suboptimal turbo decoders using greedy algorithms, Venkat Mandagulathur Pattabhiraman

Nondestructive evaluation of moisture and chloride ingress in cement-based materials using near-field microwave techniques, Shanup Peer

Hair detection in clinical and dermatoscopy images, Mohammed Raffi

Texture analysis of skin tumor images, Saravanan Ranganathan

The application of weighted density distribution functions to landmine detection using hand-held units, Satish Somanchi

Optical time of flight magnetic field sensor with high-V sensing layer, Thomas Eugene Stalcup

Design of an 8051 compatible processor and simulator for use in undergraduate coursework, David J. Sullins

Network performance comparison: simulated and actual results, Eyad Taqieddin

Bluetooth based structural health monitoring telemetry system, Vilas Ramappa Uchil

Analysis of the optimized link state routing protocol for mobile wireless ad hoc networks, Jason Robert White

Studies of a skin impedance model for cancer detection, Xiangyang Zhou

Theses from 2001

Representation of uncertainty with quantum logic formulations, Amit Agarwal

Component library development tool for EMC expert system, Ravikant Atreya

Improvement of power quality in VSI drives, Ravi Bantu

A system-on-chip hardware testbench, Christopher Michael Brueggen

Reliability analysis of SCADA systems used in the offshore oil and gas industry, Egemen K. Çetinkaya

Color analysis in boundary areas of skin tumor images for melanoma diagnosis, Jixiang Chen

A projections-based approach to microarray image spot segmentation, Maheswar Reddy Gattupalli

Lightweight security for internet appliances, Qingwen Huang

Bioelectric impedance techniques for clinical detection of skin cancer, Sanat Kapoor

Digital beamforming in an indoor setting using solid and hollow planar antenna element arrays, Timothy Nicholas Koehler

Detection of skin cancer with electrical impedance: A study of indices and a finite element model, Shivappa Manjunath

Instrumentation of a smart composite bridge, Martha J. Molander

Design and construction of a controller for mitigation of torque ripple in a brushless DC machine, Jason Neely

Quality of service evaluation for Multiprotocol Label Switching, Kenneth Robert Owens

Investigation of quantum resistor networks for electron wave computing, Diwakar Ramamurthy

A dynamic programming-based approach to microarray image comparison and registration, Sunil Bosco Rodrigues

Implementation an an ATM/PPP traffic generator and analyzer using an FPGA, Jagdeep Singh

Automatic detection of border irregularity in skin lesions, Palaniappan Subbiah

Determination of pigment asymmetry in clinical images of skin tumors, Harikrishna Subramanian

A hybrid approach to the travelling salesman problem (TSP) using adaptive resonance theory and self organizing feature maps, Narayan Vishwanathan

The Implicitly Restarted Arnoldi (IRA) method for eigenanalysis of large power systems, Xianyao Wang


Derivation of a magnetic equivalent circuit model for analysis and design of claw-pole alternator based automotive charging systems, Joshua Michael Williams

Application of the ZVT-switched Cuk converter to low-rate electric vehicle charging, Ying K. Wu

Theses from 2000

Automated temperature dependent Hall measurement system, Andrew Todd Bauer

Mobile robot obstacle avoidance through behavior fusion using fuzzy logic methods, Jeffrey Richard Burnett

Practical measurement techniques for failure prediction in electrical heating apparatus, Timothy James Christman

EMI testing and analysis of an engine control module and dual current probe techniques for EMI investigations, Yimin Ding

Relative color histogram and spatial color clustering analysis in malignant melanoma images, Yunus Emre Faziloglu

Software testing methodologies applied to verification of VHDL model of 8051 microcontroller, Maya Sooraj Gemini

Web based learning tool for Power Electronics, Madhu Gourineni

A medical instrument for body-surface mapping: UML model, hardware design, and VHDL simulation, Venkatasateesh Gudla

Pricing and managing the supply of reactive-power in the deregulated electric industry, Yogesh Trimbak Kulkarni


Cellular automata study of the feasibility of a parallel optical computer, Jason Robert Lane

Allocation of transmission costs under deregulation, Zhijie Li

Understanding and improving shunt capacitor high-frequency attenuation, Christopher N. Olsen

EMI investigation of a hybrid electric vehicle traction drive, Timothy Tin-Shing Pak

JPEG/MPEG and block difference image compression techniques, Raghuram Parvataneni

Evaluation of power factor controllers for enhancing voltage stability, Rajesh Pudhota

A study of classification techniques with applications in landmine detection, Akshaya Shankar Puranik

Improving VPN performance: security analysis, CORBA-based mechanisms, and application to a medical research instrument, Amit Raikar

Investigation of pattern classification and feature selection of Gaussian processes, Vivek Ramaprasad

Data fusion and evidence accumulation for landmine detection, Karthik Ramaswamy

Investigation of variations to the JPEG Still Image Compression Standard to improve compression ratio, Avinash Ravindranathan

Automatic recognition of digital modulation, Dennis John Simms

Design and implementation of a FPGA based systolic processor for compressed images, Balakrishnan Venkatasamy Subbulakshmi

Analyzing testing methodologies on a VHDL model of the 8051 microcontroller, Gary Cyle Wall

EMAP5 applications and improvements, Hao Wang

Theses from 1999

Neural network demodulation for frequency response measurement of a fiber optic-based smart beam, Abdeq M. Abdi

Detection of solid pigment and pigment network in dermoscopy images using texture analysis, Murali Anantha

Non-linear parameter estimation of excitation systems: feasibility study, Rajeev Bhaskar

Transmutation doping of zinc selenide utilizing selenium-74, Nickolas L. Brakensiek

Modeling of a Unified Power Flow Controller, Peiwei Cao

Investigation of current return paths in four printed circuit board configurations, Ge Chang

Analysis of power bus structure in printed circuit boards, Juan Chen

Analysis of network performance on running IP over ATM and providing ATM policing action, Srinivas Dasari

Optimum and sub-optimum receivers for land-mine detection, Kazim Das

A Heuristic approach to landmine detection using pulsed waterjet excitation, Robert Denier

Detection of brown globlues, radial streaming and blue veil in dermatoscopy images, Omar Faruk

Numerical and experimental studies of EMI reduction through the use of thin conductive and nonconductive materials, Yu Huang

Calculating the reliability indices of a power distribution system, Rama Chandrayanam Jupalli

Design of a shift-register based ATM switch in VHDL, Sricharan Kasetti

Accelerated Graphics Port, Saim Sencer Kefeli

Development of teaching aids for use in an undergraduate computer engineering course in embedded systems design, Kyle Mitchell

Digital data transmission over a video signal using MPEG codec, Srinivas Penmitsa

Digital data transmission over MPEG video, Venkatesha Periyapatna

Acoustic land mine detection, ShiXi J. Qiu

Analysis of diurnal infrared data for landmine detection, Michael James Quinn

Nonlinear forward modeling controller, Mohammed Aslam Sherule

Detection of anti-personnel landmines based on waterjet induced thermal images, Srinivasa R. Somu

Performance of LANs interconnected by an ATM switch, Suresh Thoutam

Type-1 and Type-2 fuzzy identification of dynamical systems, Dongming Wang

Numerical, analytical and experimental studies of radiation imaging operators applied to one dimensional imaging problems, Xiao Wang

Behavioral modeling of semiconductor devices for system model, Rongkai Xu

Pseudo-noise acquisition performance of a generalized correlation loop, Uday Kiran Yadati

Distributed arithmetic implementation of controllers using field programmable gate arrays, Lingfeng Yuan

Detection of smart landmines through EMI signatures and FDTD modeling, Lan Zhang

Theses from 1998

Application of interior point method for voltage stability analysis, Vladimir Vladimirovich Chuvychin

EMI modeling of coupling from high-speed digital lines to I/O lines, Wei Cui

EMAP4 : a 3-D finite element code for analyzing problems in electromagnetics, Prem Kumar Ganeshan

Neural network based optimal control of nonlinear systems, Haitian Hu

Accurate measurement of low-frequency oscillations in a power system, Udai Kanukolanu

Validation of an EMI expert system, Brandon Alden Kemp

EMI antenna modeling and FDTD time-domain extrapolation using the generalized pencil of function method, Xiao Luo

A proposed indoor/outdoor location system utilizing personal communications systems, Gary James Niemerg