Electrical and Computer Engineering Masters Theses

Electrical and Computer Engineering Masters Theses



Theses from 2004

A critical comparison of high performance induction motor drives, Anitha Paladugu

Background modeling and algorithm fusion for airborne landmine detection, Hariharan Ramachandran

SCADA system vulnerability analysis using command data packet manipulation attacks, Arunesh Ramalingam

Next generation intrusion detection system, Arvind Rapaka

Distributed fair scheduling and optimal routing protocols for wireless ad hoc and sensor networks, Niranjan Regatte

Six-sigma distribution system reliability, Xiang Ren

Flexible microsensor array for monitoring dissolved oxygen and water content in the plant root zone, Sandeep Sathyan

Using a VHDL testbench for transistor-level simulation and power calculation of NULL convention asynchronous digital circuits, Anshul Singh

An analysis and comparison of modal extraction techniques in power system modeling, Atmika Singh

A cost and performance comparison of the STATCOM/SMES and STATCOM/BESS, Prasad V. Siriki

Automatic target detection using hidden Markov models for waterjet demining, Deepak R. Somasundaram

Feature Extraction Toolbox and image segmentation using cellular neural networks, Shiva Kumar Sooryavaram

Using Handel-C to design complex hardware: the right tool can make decoding simpler, David Paul Spinden

Study of hostile applets as a threat to internet users, Ganesh Sridharan

Function-based failure mode identification and detection in conceptual design: extending the function-failure design methodology to electrical systems, Scott J. Uder

Investigations of vulnerabilities of select directories of the Linux kernel 2.6.6, Jonathan Roger Syler Van Houten

Performance improvement of power system stabilizers using Prony analysis, Srinivas Vemuri

Detection and evaluation of disbonds between CFRP laminates and concrete members, Stephen Thangaraj Vivian Richards

Temperature consideration in solar arrays, Min-Jung Wu

Mobile robot navigation using RAM-based neural network and fuzzy logic methods, Qiang Yao

A page counter using non-invasive optical techniques, Jason Michael Young

Theses from 2003

Logic devices using forward propagating quantum resistor network - 8X8 network, Rajesh Alla

Ray-tracing simulations for development of 5.7 GHz indoor positioning system, Venu Madhav Annamraju

Performance evaluation of optimized link state routing protocol, Karthik Balasubramanian

Insider attack scenarios and black box testing in support of insider threat detection, Krishna Prasad Balasubramanian

Design and characterization of asynchronous delay-insensitive arithmetic components using NULL conventional logic, Satish K. Bandapati

Hardware implementation of a closed-loop controller for torque ripple sensing and vibration mitigation, Philip Beccue

Implementation of adaptive noise canceller using field programmable gate arrays, Bonita Bhaskaran

Utilizing channel characteristics to improve inverse multiplexing efficiency over time division multiplexed communication links, Jason David Bridges

An intermediate model of electrostatic discharage generator for susceptibility study and a numerical modeling comparison, Federico Centola

Image analysis techniques for characterizing disc space narrowing in cervical vertebra interfaces, Pavan Chamarthy

Decision level and feature level sensor fusion for hand held mine detection, Venkat Sai Chander

Anterior osteophyte detection in lumbar vertebrae using size-invariant features, Maruthi Cherukuri

Schematic capture design & power calculation for NULL convention delay - insensitive digital circuits using Mentor Graphics design tool suite, Sareen K. Devireddy

Power sensitive algorithms and protocols for wireless cellular and Ad Hoc networks, Sarat Dontula

Measurement of particle velocities in high speed abrasive waterjet use, Anuja S. Dorle

Lightweight end-to-end security in a local area network, Jimish Bhupendra Doshi

Automatic tumor border detection in dermoscopy images using gradient vector flow snakes, Bulent Erkol

Real-time people detection on the smart composite bridge, Anand Gopal

Quantum transport in irreducible three-terminal networks with fractional charge, Shankaranarayanan Gurumurthy

Development of the embedded modulated scattering technique for dielectric material characterization, Dana Hughes

FDTD modeling incorporating two-port networks and planewave sources in a three dimensional space, Kuifeng Hu

Indirect adaptive neurocontrol of a unified power flow controller, Radha P. Kalyani

Selection of the pole geometry of a claw-pole alternator using evolutionary computing, Andreas Christopher Koenig

Joint demodulation and decoding for full-surface data, Shivaprasad Kotagiri

Dual EFPI sensors to extend absolute measurable strain range, William F. Krekeler

Rapid electric field measurement system for microwave imaging, Jesse Bogart Lai

Hierarchical group digital signatures, Natraj Lakshminarasimhan

The multi-rate method simulation for DCZEDS, Wenbin Li

Common- and differential-mode signaling and filtering, Zhe Li

Realtime autonomous mobile robot navigation, Dale Humbert Lord

Waterjet based demining using acoustics with maximum-likelihood and distance-based detection techniques, Bhargav Mantha

Distributed sensor network for civil infrastructure health monitoring, Jose Humberto Mata Hernandez

Estimating the capacity of two-dimensional channels, Asif Iqbal Mohammad

Adaptive force balancing control of MEMS gyroscope system with magnitude constraints, Hameed Abdul Mohammed

Microwave reflection properties of mortar exposed to chloride solutions: measurements and modeling, Kristen M. Muñoz

DSP processor based vision processing and system integration for control of laser aided manufacturing process (LAMP), Srinivas Musti

The application of time domain approaches to sound signal analysis from water jet technology for landmine discrimination, Kopal Nema

A cascaded multilevel converter-based SSSC/BESS, Penglin Niu

GPR data analysis for hand held landmine detection, Partha Pratim Palit

Capacity and other characteristics of a standard MIMO channel, Adam Panagos

Wrappers to enhance security of web applications, Siddharth Rohit Panchal

An integrated pattern recognition approach for anomaly detection in a distributed system, Amod Pandit

Damage detection in structural systems using 3-D wavelet transforms, Vamsi Krishna Pegatraju

Application of fault trees to subsea wells, Jason Arthur Pinto

A system-level automotive EMC expert system, Sreeniwas Ranganathan

Novel muteness based embedding technique for robust and imperceptible audio watermarking, Venkatachalam Ranganathan

Configurable digital controllers for smart structural systems using field programmable gate arrays, Venkat Satagopan

Time domain extrapolation and evaluation of surface-mount component parasitic inductance, Giuseppe Selli

False alarm mitigation using grayscale moment invariants for airborne mine detection, Pradeep Sriram

Engineering on the playground : K-4 science resources, Theresa M. Swift

Automatic detection of regression and granularity in dermatoscopy images of skin cancer, Sreenu Tatikonda

Detecton of pseudopods in melanoma, Rajesh Singh Thakur

A genetic approach for the optimal placement of FACTS devices, Kiran Thammineni

Analysis of magnetic loop probes for near magnetic field measurement, Annalisa Tharakan

Tresholding and active contour techniques for image segmentation, Spandan Tiwari

Microwave techniques for refractory wall thickness measurements, Bivin Varghese

Development of educational materials teaching hardware-software co-design: laboratories and a debugger interface for an 8051 VHDL model, Lokesh Verma

Faraday effect optical temperature sensors, Benxin Wu

FDTD modeling of dispersive composite magnetic material, Jing Wu

Reconstruction of the parameters of Debye and Lorentzian dispersive media using a genetic algorithm and features and applications of EZ-FDTD, Jianmin Zhang

Theses from 2002

A fuzzy-based histogram analysis technique for skin lesion classification in dermatology clinical images, Chetna Vidyasagar Aggarwal

Two-dimensional wavelet mapping techniques for damage detection in structural systems, Bruno Amizic

A study of insulation parameters of PVC insulated cable before and after accelerated aging, Shalini Kamblimoole Bhat

Recurrent neural networks: architecture, algorithms and applications, Xindi Cai

Parallelizing a finite-difference time-domain code using the message-passing interface, Michael A. Cracraft

Web-based circuit board trace impedance parameter calculator and IBIS extensions required for expert system modeling of PCBS, Shaowei Deng

Intrusion detection and public-key cryptography for the Kerberos Authentication System, Ian Trevor Downard

Vibration analysis using Extrinsic Fabry-Perot Interferometric sensors and neural networks, Rohit Dua

Electromechanical modeling of axisymmetric planar vibration in PZT disks as a function of field strength with experimental verification, Qiang Du

Analysis, simulation, and design of a regulated AC/DC converter for evaluation of shipboard distribution system architectures, Bundit Dusadeesopaporn

A new approach to secondary voltage control, Chengyue Guo


Differential signal characterization, VNA calibration and loss extraction of transmission lines, Xiaoxiong Gu

Estimating power bus noise in low-cost printed circuits boards, Huihui Hu

Design & analysis of 2 X 2 quantum resistor networks for parallel electron wave computing, Nallu Madhu Kiran

Spatial point processes for airborne minefield detection, Sitaramaraju Kummamuru

Implementation of low-complexity suboptimal turbo decoders using greedy algorithms, Venkat Mandagulathur Pattabhiraman

Nondestructive evaluation of moisture and chloride ingress in cement-based materials using near-field microwave techniques, Shanup Peer

Hair detection in clinical and dermatoscopy images, Mohammed Raffi

Texture analysis of skin tumor images, Saravanan Ranganathan