In this paper, the effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI) on control area network (CAN) communications are investigated by hardware experiments. Distinct CAN bit rates, communication cables, and networks are used to test effects of EMI on CAN bus. Waveforms of CAN data frames in EMI environment are observed and analyzed for figuring out details of effects. Experiments show that the EMI pulses frequently encountered in automobile and off-road machinery can cause the reduction of bit rates and errors in high-speed CAN communications. Replacing traditional unshielded parallel communication cables with shielded communication cables is proved to be an effective method of mitigating effects of EMI. Effect of improvement is tested too.

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2007 IEEE Region 5 Technical Conference


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Computer Science


Caterpillar Inc.

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Communications; Control Area Network

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Electromagnetic interference

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Article - Conference proceedings

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