Evaluation of thickness and material properties of coatings and dielectric slabs is an important practical issue. Microwave nondestructive testing techniques, using open-ended rectangular waveguide and coaxial probes have shown great potential for this purpose. However, to evaluate one parameter requires that the other be known a priori. This paper discusses the use of a relatively efficient method for evaluating both parameters simultaneously from measurements of the reflection coefficient of a test material. Results of two cases as well as a brief discussion of the limitations of the technique are provided in this paper.

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21st IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, 2004. IMTC '04


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Coatings; Coaxial Cables; Coaxial Probes; Composites; Conductor; Dielectric Constant; Dielectric Materials; Dielectric Properties; Dielectric Slab Thickness; Electromagnetic Wave Reflection; Free-Space; Material Properties; Microwave Measurement; Microwave Nondestructive Testing; Microwaves; Nondestructive Testing; Open-Ended Rectangular Waveguide; Probes; Rectangular Waveguide Probe; Rectangular Waveguides; Reflection Coefficient Inversion; Thickness Measurement

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