The authors describe a computer code, called EMIcheck, that was developed to perform an EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) evaluation of printed circuit boards laid out using the Mentor Graphics Boardstation software. The algorithm analyzes aspects of component placement and trace routing while searching for violations of basic EMC design principles. The algorithm is implemented in a code designed to work with a widely used board layout and routing program. This code can help novice and experienced circuit board designers to avoid mistakes that may result in serious EMC problems.

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IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, 1993


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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EMC; EMIcheck; Mentor Graphics Boardstation Software; PCB Routing; Algorithm; Automated Printed Circuit Board Layout; Circuit Layout CAD; Component Placement; Computer Code; Electromagnetic Compatibility; Electromagnetic Interference; Network Routing; Printed Circuit Layout; Routing Program; Trace Routing

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Article - Conference proceedings

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