Small Signal Modeling and Control of a Grid Tied Converter without a Syncronization Unit

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Small Signal Modeling and Control of a Grid Tied Converter without a Synchronization Unit


In this paper, control of a grid-tied converter as a voltage controlled converter is investigated for distribution level grids. Small signal model of the converter is presented and a control structure is designed to deliver desired active and reactive power. This controller is using power flow equations to control the converter as a synchronous machine and without the need for a dedicated synchronization unit (PLL) during its normal operation. It is demonstrated that the controller ensures decoupled control and is immune to grid frequency fluctuations.

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31st Annual IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (2016: Mar. 20-24, Long Beach, CA)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Electric Load Flow; Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors; Phase Locked Loops; Power Converters; Power Electronics; Synchronization; Active And Reactive Power; Bidirectional Power Flow; Distribution Levels; Grid-Connected Converters; Power Flow Equations; Small Signal Model; Synchronous Machine; Voltage-Controlled; Controllers; Grid Connected Converter; Phase-Locked Loop

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9781467383936; 9781467395502

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Article - Conference proceedings

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