DC power bus decoupling of a multi-layer PCB is modeled by a combination of a lumped circuit model at low frequencies (less than 200 MHz), and a mixed-potential integral equation approach at high frequencies. In order to determine the lumped parameters of via interconnects, an effective procedure using a network analyzer has been developed to characterize the trace/via inductances/resistances. For an 8"x10" ten-layer test board used in this study, the simulations show good agreement with the measurement. This method can lead to new design strategies of decoupling for multilayer PCB power buses

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IEEE 1996 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, 1996


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Decoupling; Design Strategies; Electric Resistance; Equivalent Circuits; High Frequencies; Inductances; Integral Equations; Low Frequencies; Lumped Circuit Model; Mixed-Potential Integral Equation; Multilayer PCB DC Power Buses; Network Analyzer; Printed Circuit Layout; Printed Circuit Testing; Resistances; Simulations; Via Interconnects

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