This paper examines the bit error rate (BER) of a direct sequence spread spectrum (SS) system that uses bandlimited white Gaussian noise (BLWGN) as a spreading code. The performance of this bandlimited-SS system is examined in both additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) and single tone jamming environments. The BLWGN spreading code is inferior to conventional codes in AWGN channels, but is more robust when a narrow band interference signal is present.

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IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference, 1994, GLOBECOM '94


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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AWGN Channels; BER; Gaussian Channels; Gaussian Noise; Additive White Gaussian Noise; Bandlimited Gaussian Noise; Bandlimited System; Bit Error Rate; Coding Errors; Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum System; Error Statistics; Jamming; Narrow Band Interference Signal; Pseudonoise Codes; Single Tone Interference Channels; Single Tone Jamming Environments; Spread Spectrum Communication; Spreading Code; System Performance; White Noise

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Article - Conference proceedings

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