Power bus decoupling designs on multilayer printed circuit boards must adequately account for the power bus interplane capacitance and its consequences for the design. Lumped element models for a power bus on a multilayer printed circuit board where an appreciable or entire portion of a layer is devoted to power and ground have been developed. The models are applicable below the distributed resonances of the board. Analytical, circuit simulation, and experimental studies have been conducted to test the models, investigate the effects of the distributed interplane capacitance of the power bus, and the effect of interconnect inductance associated with surface-mount decoupling capacitors.

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IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, 1994


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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EMI; SPICE; SPICE Simulations; Capacitance; Circuit Analysis Computing; Circuit Simulation; Distributed Interplane Capacitance; Distributed Resonances; Electromagnetic Interference; Experimental Studies; Inductance; Interconnect Inductance; Lumped Element Models; Lumped Parameter Networks; Modeling; Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards; Power Bus Decoupling; Power Bus Interplane Capacitance; Printed Circuits; Surface-Mount Decoupling Capacitors

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