In this study, mutual capacitance and inductance between two coupled traces is measured and computed to validate and simplify coupling algorithms used in an expert system software package. The algorithm's applicability to common microstrip configurations is tested through comparisons between FEM based solutions, S 21 measurements and the algorithm solutions under several permutations of a test board. Adjustments to the original algorithm are proposed that reduce computation times with out significantly affecting the accuracy of the result

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IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, 1999


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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FEM Based Solutions; S 21 Measurements; Capacitance; Computation Times; Coupled Traces; Electrical Engineering Computing; Electromagnetic Coupling; Electromagnetic Interference; Expert System Software Package; Expert Systems; Inductance; Mesh Generation; Microstrip Configurations; Microstrip Coupling Algorithm; Microstrip Lines; Modification; Mutual Capacitance; Software Packages; Test Board; Validation; Waveguide Theory

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Article - Conference proceedings

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