A time domain approach to investigate and predict impedances and scattering parameters of a DC power bus is proposed. This approach is based on a cavity model and is achieved using a circuit simulation tool - SPICE. A SPICE-based circuit model for triangular power plane segments is described, verified and applied to simulate both the frequency and time domain characteristics of an irregularly shaped two-layer PCB board. Furthermore, the current draw from a surface mount technology (SMT) decoupling capacitor is simulated and estimated using this approach. Near-field electromagnetic loop probes are used to validate the current estimation qualitatively. Additionally, the frequency bandwidth of this SPICE model is investigated using a network analyzer and time domain reflectometry.

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International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, 2004


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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DC Power Bus; S-Parameters; SMT Decoupling Capacitors; SPICE; Capacitors; Cavity Model; Circuit Noise; Circuit Simulation; Circuit Simulation Tool; Current Draw Estimation; Current Estimation; Electric Current; Electric Impedance; Electromagnetic Coupling; Frequency Bandwidth; Frequency Domain Characteristics; Impedances; Irregularly Shaped Two-Layer PCB Board; Near-Field Electromagnetic Loop Probes; Network Analyzer; Noise; Parameter Estimation; Printed Circuits; Scattering Parameters; Surface Mount Technology; Time Domain Reflectometry; Triangular Power Plane Segments

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Article - Conference proceedings

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