A non-orthogonal time-domain full-wave solver, is developed based on the discrete surface integral (DSI) technique. Closed form expressions are derived for the coefficients used in the leap-frog computation scheme so that the DSI technique can be implemented as a generalised finite-difference procedure. This procedure is employed to investigate the propagation characteristics of a typical interconnect via in printed circuits. The numerically calculated scattering parameters show consistent behavior with measured results. A square via with equal area is also evaluated.

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1995 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, 1995


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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S-Parameters; Closed Form Expressions; Coefficients; Discrete Surface Integral; Discrete Surface Integral Method; Finite Difference Time-Domain Analysis; Finite-Difference Procedure; Integral Equations; Interconnect Vias; Measured Results; Nonorthogonal Time-Domain Full-Wave Solver; Printed Circuits; Propagation Characteristics; Scattering Parameters; Square Via

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Article - Conference proceedings

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