Noise on the DC power-bus attributed to device switching is among the primary sources of EMI and signal integrity problems. A mixed-potential integral equation formulation with circuit extraction approach is used to model the planar multi-layer power-bus geometry, which can also include arbitrary shaped power regions on multiple layers. Incorporating vertical discontinuities, e.g. decoupling capacitor interconnects, is a critical aspect of the modeling, and must be done properly since they are included as a lumped element model and not as a part of the MPIE formulation. Agreement with experimental results verifies the validity of the present approach

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IEEE 7th Topical Meeting on Electrical Performance of Electronic Packaging, 1998


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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DC Power-Bus Noise; EMI; MPIE Formulation; Arbitrary Shaped Power Regions; Capacitors; Circuit Analysis Computing; Circuit Extraction; Circuit Extraction Formulation; Circuit Noise; Decoupling Capacitor Interconnects; Device Switching; Driver Circuits; Electric Field Integral Equations; Electromagnetic Interference; Lumped Element Model; Mixed-Potential Integral Equation; Modeling; Multilayer PCBs; Multiple Layers; Packaging; Planar Multi-Layer Power-Bus Geometry; Power-Bus Modeling; Printed Circuit Design; Signal Integrity; Vertical Discontinuities

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