Currents associated with high-speed digital devices have significant impacts on EMI problems in VLSI design and operation. In this paper, a simple transmission line model was implemented as an initial step to represent the EMI mechanisms associated with an IC package. Numerical modeling results were compared with near field scanning measurements and show that the magnetic field deduced from the measurements agrees well with the numerical predictions.

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IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, 2002


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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EMI Mechanisms; EMI Problems; IC Package; VLSI; VLSI Design; VLSI Operation; Electromagnetic Compatibility; Electromagnetic Interference; High-Speed Digital Devices; Integrated Circuit Modelling; Integrated Circuit Packaging; Integrated Circuit Testing; Magnetic Field; Magnetic Fields; Microstrip Lines; Microstrip Structure; Near Field Scanning Measurements; Numerical Modeling; Transmission Line Model; Transmission Line Theory

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Article - Conference proceedings

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