Electromagnetic interference (EMI) from slots and apertures resulting from coupling of interior sources through enclosure cavity modes in a rectangular test enclosure is reported. EMI from a specially designed test enclosure with slots or apertures excited by interior sources was studied experimentally and with finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) modeling. The measurements and FDTD modeling agree well. The results indicate that radiation at cavity mode resonances through slots and apertures of nonresonant dimensions can be as significant as the radiation at aperture or slot resonances. The agreement between the FDTD modeling and measurements demonstrates the usefulness of FDTD for investigating aspects of shielding enclosure design such as coupling to slots and apertures and slot interactions


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EMI; FDTD Modeling; Apertures; Apertures Coupling; Cavity Mode Resonances; Cavity Modes; Electromagnetic Interference; Electromagnetic Shielding; Enclosure Cavity Modes; Finite Difference Time-Domain Analysis; Finite-Difference Time-Domain; Interior Sources; Rectangular Test Enclosure; Resonance; Shielding Enclosure Design; Shielding Enclosures; Slots; Slots Coupling

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