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Wuu-Yung Lin


"Deuterium solid-state quadrupole-echo NMR techniques were used to probe the dynamics of bulk and silica-adsorbed poly(methyl acrylate)-d3 (PMAd3). The effects of surface coverage, molecular weight and overlayer materials on the dynamics were investigated. Bulk PMA-d3 with high molecular weight showed a collapse in the 2H NMR powder pattern corresponding to a sudden increase in motional rate at about 50 C(nmr Tg), 40 °C above the reported glass transition temperature.

Surface samples were prepared by adsorption of PMA-d3 onto silica. The NMR spectra were collected from surface species at the surface-air interface. The spectra consisted of different components. Some of the adsorbed material had an enhanced mobility attributed to segments near the air interface. The adsorbed PMA-d3 was more rigid as the surface coverage decreased. The effect of molecular weight was also studied. Bulk PMA-d3 with lower molecular weight was more mobile. In contrast, the adsorbed PMA-d3 with higher molecular weight was more mobile.

Composite samples were prepared by hot pressing a surface sample with hydrogenated polystyrene and PMA of different molecular weights as the overlayer. The composite samples were studied in the interfacial layer of PMA-d3 between the silica and overlayer. No material in any composite sample had enhanced mobility and the lower the mobility of the overlayer, the more restricted the adsorbed PMA-d3 layer was"--Abstract, page iv.


Blum, Frank D.

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Van-De-Mark, Michael R.
Ercal, Nuran
James, William Joseph
Morosoff, Nicholas



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Ph. D. in Chemistry


United States. Office of Naval Research
National Science Foundation (U.S.)


University of Missouri--Rolla

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Spring 1997

Journal article titles appearing in thesis/dissertation

  • Segmental dynamics of adsorbed poly(methyl acrylate)-d₃: The effect of coverage
  • Segmental dynamics of adsorbed poly(methyl acrylate)-d₃: The effect of molecular weight
  • Segmental dynamics of bulk and adsorbed poly(methyl acrylate)-d₃ by deuterium NMR: The effect of polymer overlayers
  • Segmental dynamics of silica-adsorbed poly(methyl acrylate)-d₃: The effect of switching solvents


xii, 167 pages

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Glass transition temperature
Nuclear magnetic resonance

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T 7249

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