Missouri Dam Safety Inspection Reports


This report is prepared under guidance contained in Department of the Army, Office of the Chief of Engineers, Recommended Guidelines For Safety Inspection Of Dams, for a Phase I investigation. The purpose of a Phase I investigation is to identify expeditiously those dams which may pose hazards to human life or property. The assessment of the general conditions of the dam is based upon available data and visual inspections. Detailed investigations and analyses involving topographic mapping, subsurface Investigations, testing and detailed computational evaluations are beyond the scope of a Phase I investigation; however, the investigation is intended to identify any need for such studies.

In reviewing this report, it should be realized that the reported condition of the dam is based on observations of field conditions at the time of inspection along with data available to the inspection team* Additional data or data furnished containing incorrect information could alter the findings of this report.

It is important to note that the condition of the dam depends on numerous and constantly changing internal and external conditions and is evolutionary in nature. It would be incorrect to assume that the present condition of the dam will continue to represent the condition of the dam at some point In the future. Only through continued care and inspection can there be any chance that unsafe conditions be detected.


Date of inspection: 25 Feb 1981

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Missouri Inventory No. 30411

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