Metal Complexes of Organophosphate Esters and Open-Framework Metal Phosphates: Synthesis, Structure, Transformations, and Applications


The chemistry of organophosphate ester complexes has been reviewed. Also included are the complexes that have been sufficiently well characterized through a single x-ray diffraction study, structural characterization of phosphate ester metal complex, and phosphate-based materials. Metal-containing aluminophosphate molecular sieves offer tremendous potential as heterogeneous catalysts for liquid-phase oxidation reactions in the production of fine chemicals. The recent success in the preparation of AlPO-based catalyst for the oxidation of n-alkanes at the terminal C atoms with high selectivity using molecular oxygen in liquid-phase reaction has been considered a breakthrough. Also notable is the observation of interesting magnetic properties. This transition metal containing open-framework solids show different types of magnetic ordering thus, classified as anti-ferromagnetic materials. These metal ions also exhibit interesting magnetic exchange between the metal phosphate layers via the organic linkers.



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Catalysis; Catalyst selectivity; Chemical oxygen demand; Complexation; Esterification; Esters; Ferromagnetic materials; Hydrocarbons; Magnetic materials; Magnetic properties; Metal complexes; Metal ions; Metallic compounds; Molecular oxygen; Molecular sieves; Organic compounds; Oxidation; Oxygen; Paraffins; Polymer blends; Sieves; Transition metals; Aluminophosphate; C atoms; Heterogeneous catalysts; High selectivity; Liquid-phase oxidation; Liquid-phase reactions; Magnetic exchange; Metal phosphates; N-Alkanes; Open frameworks; Organic linkers; Organophosphate esters; Phosphate esters; Production of fine chemicals; Structural characterizations; X-ray diffraction studies; Metals; ester; metal; organometallic compound; organophosphorus compound; phosphate; article; chemical structure; chemistry; stereoisomerism; synthesis, Esters; Metals; Models, Molecular; Molecular Structure; Organometallic Compounds; Organophosphorus Compounds; Phosphates; Stereoisomerism

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