Chemistry Dissertations

Chemistry Dissertations



Dissertations from 2003

Development and evaluation of epoxidized soybean oil-based polymers, Nuanpen Juangvanich

Electrodeposition of ordered semiconductor metal oxide nanostructures and epitaxial thin films, Run Liu

Part 1. A comparison of enantioselective uptake and degradation of chiral pesticides through biotic and abiotic processes in the aquatic environment; and Part 2. Development of a soybean oil based epoxy resin system and its application in composite material fabrication and Part 3. Development of an environmentally benign process for the recovery of scrap polystyrene., Michael F. Maples

Structural and biological properties of ortho-quinones having nitrogen-sulfur fuctionalities and their metal conjugates, Zahra Afrasiabi Navan

Enzymatic synthesis and characterization of alpha-hydroxy acid and amino acid co-oligomers, Mathur Rajesh

Synthesis of selected electron donors and acceptors and study of inter/intramolecular electron transfer from ruthenium (II) complexes in solution, frozen matrix and silica aerogels as the basis for optical devices, Abdel-Monem M. Rawashdeh

Part 1, Enantioselectivity of hydroxy methionine (HMB) incorporation in short chain peptides; Part 2, Development of an enzymatic process for isolation of enantio enriched HMB on a preparative scale; Part 3, Synthesis and characterization of tailored short chain hetero peptides, Arindam Roy

Part 1, Application of supercritical fluid extraction for enantiospecific determination of chlordane residues in fish tissue; Part 2, Prediction of retention time of long chain alcohol phenyl ethers in density programmed supercritical fluid chromatography; Part 3, Evaluation of biogenic oil based technical fluids, Rachadaporn Seemamahannop

Chemical characterization of micron and submicron particulate matters, Hongyu Shen

Cationically modified boehmite for ink jet paper coatings, Jinzhen Shi

Thermal behavior of thin-polymer films on silica, Bing Zhang


Ultrasonic Microscopy Analysis of Corrosion -- A Nondestructive Evaluation of Paint Weathering Effects and Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoscale Water-reducible Polymer Particles, Wei Zhao

Dissertations from 2002

New treatment for an old problem: lead poisoning, Nukhet Aykin-Burns

Syntheses and characterization of derivatives of 1,4,7-triazacyclononane, methyl, cholate, and of ionophores based on EDTA, NTA, and IDA, Jyoti Marutrao Dalvi

Aspects of convenient synthesis of 2,2'-biimidazole derivatives and aliphatic poly(amino-ester)s, Feng He

Dissertations from 2001

The use of ultrasonic energy as a means of driving emulsion polymerizations to completion and of changing the reactivity ratio of emulsion copolymerization of MMA:BA, Mohammed A. Bahattab

Towards rapid optical switches and sensors based on doped silica sol-gel glasses, Ian A. Elder

Electrochemistry with disk millielectrodes in homogenous and inhomogeneous magnetic fields and electrochemistry with permanent magnet-electrodes, Xuerong Gao

Part I: Effect of hard segments on phase separation of polyurethanes : Part II: Poly(isocyanurate-oxazolidone-urethanes) from epoxidized soybean oil, Wanxuan Kang

Evaluation of combustion processes for production of feedstock chemicals from ammonium sulfate and ammonium bisulfate: An assessment of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and furans in raw materials for cement production, Yvonne Liske

Curing chemistry of epoxidized soybean oil and its application for sturctural composite materials, Peng Peng Lu

Microwave, ultraviolet light and thermal curing of epoxide polymers, Dong Zhang

Dissertations from 2000

Selective ultratrace determination of nitroaromatic vapors, Mark Gehrke

The atomic and magnetic structures of several iron-substituted rare-earth manganese germanides and stannides, Jun Han

A Mössbauer spectral study of some magnetic rare-earth iron intermetallic compounds, Dimitri Hautot

Detection of amino acids and their enantiomeric ratios in various samples, and the development of a new stationary phase for the chiral separation of amino acids, John P. Kullman

Use of cerium-based inhibitors in electrochemically deposited coatings for the corrosion protection of aluminum alloys, Eric Leon Morris


Thermal characterization of polymer thin films using modulated differential scanning calorimetry, Crystal E. Porter

The separation of intact microbes by capillary electrophoresis, Jeffrey M. Schneiderheinze


Michael addition of amines to α-ß unsaturated esters, Kiarash Alavi Shooshtari

Dissertations from 1999

Electrodeposition of layered nanostructures and epitaxial metal oxide thin films, Eric W. Bohannan

Soybean oil in water-borne coatings and latex film formation study by AC Impedance, Nantana Jiratumnukul

Dynamics and adsorption of sodium alkylbenzenesulfonates on alumina, Kazuomi Nagashima

Investigation of N-acetylcysteine isomers as possible radioprotectors, Rachel Neal

Synthesis of hydrazone functionalized epoxy polymers for non-linear optical device applications, Rajendra K. Singh

Development of novel enantiomeric separation techniques and applications to real-world samples, Xiande Wang

Nicotine, oxidative stress and apoptosis, Deniz Yildiz

Phototransformation of polychlorinated aromatics in gas phase and on aerosol, Xinzhong Zhang


Application of the Michael addition in environmental compliant coatings, Zhiyi Zhang

Dissertations from 1998

Cyclodextrin chiral selectors for enantioseparations in high performance liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis, Lisa Wang Chang

Separations of D-amino acids and other enantiomeric compounds using cyclodextrin and macrocyclic antibiotic chiral stationary phases in HPLC, K. Helen Ekborg-Ott

Investigation of selected d¹⁰ metal ions with two aromatic azaheterocycles: 2,2'-bi-1H-imidazole and N,N-(dimethylamino)pyridine, Colin A. Hester


Electrochemical self-assembly of copper/cuprous oxide layered nanostructures, Ling-Yuang Huang

Investigations of several new 2,2'-biimidazole derivatives and styrenic and methacrylic polymers, Geng Lin

Deuterium NMR studies of the segmental and methyl dynamics of polymethylphenylsilane and polyalphamethylstyrene, Robert D. O'Connor

Plasma deposition of beryllium carbide via magnetron sputtering, Yixiang Xie

Dissertations from 1997

Syntheses, characterization, and polycondensation of new amide-amine monomers containing 2,2'-biimidazole, William M. Barnett

Electrochromic materials and systems: electrochemistry with stationary disk and ring-disk millielectrodes in magnetic fields, Muguo Chen

Chlorinated polyolefin adhesion promoters for polypropylene, William L. Dechent

Electrocrystallization and scanning probe microscopy of ceramic thin films and superlattices, Chen-Jen Hung

Structures, adsorption, and dynamics of 3-acryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane and mechanical properties of its composites, Hyoryoon Jo


Segmental dynamics in bulk and adsorbed poly(methyl acrylate)-d₃ by deuterium NMR, Wuu-Yung Lin

Synthesis and characterization of metal ion binding polyesters containing 2,2'-biimidazole, Rebecca Lynn Lister

Characterization of environmentally active aerosols: jet engine emissions, Jonathan D. Paladino

An investigation of the coordination chemistry of selected heterocyclic ligands, Paula M. Secondo

Plasma-deposited beryllium carbide coatings for application to inertial confinement fusion, Wu-Sheng Shih

Development of a spectrophotometric integration technique for flash rust staining determination and an investigation of the flash rust phenomenon in latex paints applied to steel and its control, Emerentiana Sianawati

Preparation and properties of optically transparent poly(methylmethacrylate) glass fiber sandwich composites, Ronald Kelvin Six

Solar simulated photodegradation of polystyrene: phthalocyanine pigments and methyl methacrylate as inhibitor of photo degradation process, Diep Vo Trinh

The roles of glutamine and glutathione in radiation stress, including development of a novel method for biological thiol analysis, Roger A. Winters

Dissertations from 1996

Electrochemical deposition and characterization of silver oxide nitrate and silver oxide thin films, Bryan E. Breyfogle

Ultrasonically initiated free radical catalyzed emulsion polymerization of methyl methacrylate, H. C. Joe Chou

Characterization of non-asbestos friction materials, Feng Dong

Characterization of an organic solvent (di-2-ethylhexyl phosphoric acid) used in galvanic stripping, Walailak Puetpaiboon

Macrocyclic antibiotics as new chiral selectors for capillary electrophoresis and use of capillary electrophoresis to evaluate binding behavior, Kimber Lee Mahealani Rundlett

A counterflow oxidative process for thermal degradation of polychlorinated organics, Keon-Sang Ryoo

Assessment of oxidative stress in lead-poisoning and therapeutic implications, Piyanee Treeratphan

Dynamics study of block copolymers in solution and on surfaces, Ming Xie

Photodegradation for decontamination of polychlorinated aromatics and related compounds, Qi Yan

New approaches for preparative and analytical scale enantiomeric separations, Eve Yiwen Zhou

Dissertations from 1995

The xenon record of double beta-decay and element synthesis, Jauh-Tzuoh Lee

Evaluation of polyaniline in corrosion protection and microwave initiated free radical catalyzed polymerizations: polystyrene, Srinivas Pravin Sitaram

Phototransformation of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins in the gas and particulate phase, Loren D. Sivils

Interfacial mobility and the mechanical properties of surface-modified glass/epoxy composites, Wei-Hang Timothy Wang

Dissertations from 1994

The HPLC chiral resolution and solid state enantiomeric enrichment of optically active molecules using cyclodextrin or vancomycin chiral selector, Shushi Chen

Synthesis, characterization and application studies of copolyimides, Youbang Liu

Gas-solid and gas-liquid chromatographic stationary phases for the separation of volatiles and enantiomers, George Leo Reid

Resonance Raman investigations of heterogeneous systems using azo dyes as probes, Heping Wang

Synthesis and characterization of binuclear and unsymmetrical phthalocyanines/, Jiang Yang

Dissertations from 1993

A Mössbauer effect and Fenske-Hall molecular orbital study of the electronic properties of organoiron clusters, Margaret Linn Buhl

Centrifugal partition, liquid, and gas chromatography separation of biologically important chiral molecules, Adam Chau-Dung Chang

Synthesis and characterization of polycarbonates containing 2,2'-biimidazole, Il Young Cho

Raman detection of protein conformational changes: antigen-adjuvant interactions, Mijin Jang Cho

Characteristic modifications due to 2-methyl-1,3-propanediol in polymers, Pamela M. Duncan

Ultrasonic polymerization and ultrasonic dispersion of pigments, Younhee Kim

The noble gas geochemistry of Kuroko deposits and some barites, Bin Li

Applications of centrifugal partition chromatography, Randy A. Menges

A kinetic investigation of the aminolysis of activated esters of indole-3-acetic acid in acetonitrile, Michael J. Pfeiffer

Enantiomeric separation via chromatography using cyclodextrin stationary phases, Yubing Tang


Self-diffusion studies in polymer-solvent systems by pulsed-gradient spin-echo nuclear magnetic resonance, R. Allen Waggoner

Preparation and properties of optically transparent, pressure-cured poly(methyl methacrylate) composites, Kevin D. Weaver


The isolation and characterization of phenylalanine ammonia lyase from Schizophyllum commune and an attempt to isolate the gene, Jiamin Zeng

Dissertations from 1992

Enantiomeric separation by high-performance liquid chromatography using cyclodextrin stationary phases, San-Chun Chang

NMR studies of dynamics and structure in surfactant systems, Joseph R. Duke

Synthesis and characterization of Copper(II) complexes and addition polymers of 1-Vinyl-4'(5')-Trifluoromethyl-2,2'-Biimidazole and 1-Vinyl-1'-Methyl-4'-Trifluoromethyl-2,2'-Biimidazole, Rick Allen Elmer

Dynamics of polyacrylates in bulk and adsorbed to a silica surface as determined by deuterium NMR, Robert B. Funchess

Characterization of fiber reinforced phenolic composites, Subramaniam Narayan

Dissertations from 1991


New bio-analytical separations utilizing chiral mobile phase additives in thin layer chromatography and chiral stationary phases in high performance liquid chromatography, Jo Dee Duncan

New approaches to enantiomeric separation by high performance liquid chromatography, Martha Lynne Hilton

Enantiomeric separation by capillary gas chromatography using derivatized cyclodextrin stationary phases, Weiyong Li