Chemical and Biochemical Masters Theses

Chemical and Biochemical Masters Theses



Theses from 2018


Effect of variation of parameters on biogas production using Aspen Plus & Dynamic Simulation using Mimic, Shruti Shrikant Karambelkar


Recycling effect in expanded granular sludge bed reactor and implementation of Six Sigma in a methane generation process, Manohar Manchenahalli Shivashankaraiah


Cellular hitchhiking via injectable microparticles, Daniel Smith

Theses from 2017


Combined flue gas cleanup process for simultaneous removal of SOx, NOx, and CO₂ -- A techno-economic analysis, Amit Narendrasing Hajari

Theses from 2016


Aspen simulation of oil shale and biomass process, Anand Alembath


Iron phosphide nanostructures as an efficient bifunctional catalysts for water splitting, Nikitaa Ashokan


Design, scale-up, six sigma in processing different feedstocks in a fixed bed downdraft biomass gasifier, Sai Chandra Teja Boravelli


The impact of heat exchanging internals on hydrodynamics of bubble column reactor, Ahmed Jasim


Mixed metal oxide catalysts supported on H-Beta for hydrogenolysis of glycerol into 1,3-propanediol, Amit Kant


Bioresponsive polymer coating on nanoparticles, Tunyaboon Laemthong


Surface modification of tin oxide nanoparticles by atomic layer deposition for enhanced electrochemical performance, Sai Abhishek Palaparty


Hydrodynamic of a co-current gas liquid upflow in a moving packed bed reactor with porous catalysts, Ali Jabbar Toukan

Theses from 2015


1-D coordination polymer of transition metal as a precursor to generate surface active transition metal catalyst, Siddharth Gopalakrishnan

Theses from 2014


Theoretical analysis of shape separation of particles using flow field-flow fractionation, Mehrdad Alfi


Aspen simulation of furfural and hydroxymethylfurfural production from biomass, Zachary Daniel King


Gold-magnetite nanoparticle-biomolecule conjugates: synthesis, properties and toxicity studies, Akshay Pariti


Techno-economic and life-cycle modeling and analysis of various energy storage technologies coupled with a solar photovoltaic array, Brian Andrew Peterson

Theses from 2013


Kinetics of human and bovine insulin amyloid fibril formation in the presence of solid/liquid interfaces, Paulina Barranco Morales


Protein aggregation at solid/liquid interfaces: a Monte Carlo study with explicit and implicit solvent effects, Rehman Fazeem


Robust methods for construction of global potential energy surfaces, Phalgun Lolur

Theses from 2012


Displacement of heavy oil by carbon dioxide in a tube, Mohammed Almabrouk Ali Ahmad


Formation of amyloid fibrils by diblock peptides, Kunal Mukesh Naik


Synthesis of nickel nanoparticles by gamma-radiation and femtosecond laser ablation, Vivek Murlidhar Rao


Effect of lipid composition on the physical properties of liposomes: a light scattering study, Rajiv Kumar Yandrapati

Theses from 2011


Continuous monitoring of bioactive glass conversion using optical biosensors, Prajakta Bhagwat


Thermomechanics of curves in space, Pavan Krishna Kanchi


The feasibility of using Bifidobacteria bifidum (ATCC 700541) for the production of prebiotic oligosaccharides, Candice Marie Luehrs


Effects of a nickel reactor liner and other reaction variables during supercritical water reformation of glycerin, Michael S. Stever

Theses from 2010


Enhanced photorefractivity in a polymeric composite photosensitized with modified carbon nanotubes, Naveen Kumar Lingam


Biodiesel production using supercritical methanol, Dhaval Nitin Modi


Optimization of parameters and study of kinetics in lactulose production by lactose isomerization using strong basic anion exchange resin, Arvind Nanduri


Microalgae harvesting by flocculation with polymer-coated magnetite particles, Humayun Shariff


Fabrication of a memory device using polyaniline nanofibers and gold nanoparticles, Krunal R. Waghela

Theses from 2009


Development and evaluation of an effective process for the recovery of oil and detoxification of meal from jatropha curcas, Sarthak Gaur


The effects of water to fuel ratio on the kinetics of supercritical water reformation of jet fuel, Satya Putta


Classification of fine particles using a Taylor-Couette device, Navina Durgaiah Tungapindi

Theses from 2008


A coarse-grain molecular dynamics study of the nanotribological properties of nanoparticle solutions, Ramesh Chembeti


Release and removal of microcystins from microcystis during disinfection treatments, Jie Ding


Removal of heavy metals from electroplating wastewater using rice husk and coconut coir, Frency Mathew


Autothermal non-catalytic reformation of jet fuel in a supercritical water medium, Jason W. Picou

Simulation and optimization of nanostructured electrodes for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells, Sanjeev Murlidhar Rao


Synthesis of iron oxide nanoparticles in a counterflow diffusion flame reactor, Hector Enrique Ruiz

Theses from 2007

Synthesis of functionalized N-isopropylacrylamide copolymers and study of their adsorption characteristics in selective entrapment of cations, Sita S. Akella


Fine particle classification using dilute fluidized beds, Rajasekharan Pillai Annapoorneswari

Impacts of ozonation on the adsorption and surface characteristics of powdered activated carbon, Arshita Cheeti

Quantitative analysis of size fractionation of magnetic nanoparticles, Timothy Michael Forbis

Effect of environmental parameters on the vapor phase concentration of TNT and related compounds in the terrestrial environment, Raghavendra Konduru


Synthesis, characterization and application of Pd-Pt bimetallic nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes supported nanocomposites, Guoqiang Ren


Synthesis and characterization of platinum-based multi-component catalysts for direct methanol fuel cells, Li Ren

Large particle detachment in a microchannel, Nimishai Shukla


CFD simulation of contact planarization, Shanti Vusirikala

Theses from 2006

Anaerobic treatment of brewery wastewater and the effects of enzyme addition, Julie Linn Bales

Thermodynamics of dye adsorption with relevance to ink jet printing, Hemanth Kumar Kundeti

Transport phenomena study in microdialysis system utilizing CFD method, Guohua Li

Theses from 2005

Evaluation of biogenic oil esters as obscurants in the visible region, Ramesh Chand

Synthesis and characterization of Pt and Pt-Co catalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells, Min Chen

Combustion aerosols: sampling & characterization, Prafull Subhash Gandhi

Enantio-enrichment of alpha-hydroxy acids through immobilized-lipase catalyzed hydrolysis of their esters, Samit Kapoor

Characteristics of ground granular activated carbon for rapid small scale column tests, Ashwin G. Patni

Effect of surface segmental mobility on adhesion of acrylate soft films, Ravindra Vohra

Gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric characterization of an oil aerosol-vapor microbial disinfectant, Prakash Wadhwa

Theses from 2004


The dependence of the overall drying time and product quality of a lyophilization process on the relative position of vials on a tray with tray sides and without tray sides for different heat input control policies, Kian Hui Gan

Aerosol characterization using radial differential mobility analyzer, Mehul Kirit Joshi

Generation and evaluation of disinfectant aerosols/vapors, Tanuja P. Talim


Thermal characterization of the glass transition of adsorbed PMMA using modulated differential scanning calorimetry, Erin N. Young

Theses from 2003

Synthesis and characterization of malic acid capped peptides, Anju Ananthanarayanan

Surface modification of silica for inkjet paper coatings, Neema Bansal

Effects of grinding on the surface characteristics of granular activated carbon used in rapid small scale column tests, Prem Lobo

Enzymatic synthesis of polyesters, Amol A. Mungikar

A Monte Carlo discrete sum (MCDS) approach to calculate the free energies of formation and nucleation rates of methanol clusters, Srivatsan M. Raman


A molecular-dynamics simulation study of the effect of surface steps on alkane surface diffusion, Shrijay Subramanian

Silica coating of gold nanoparticles, Milind Laxman Surve

Measurement of the mechanical properties of a transparent polyester/glass fiber sandwich composite coupled with silane agents, Piyush K. Vaghela

Adsorption of MTBE and alternative fuel oxygenates on granular activated carbon, Liang Yu

Cationic polymerization of soybean oil, Rong Zhuge

Theses from 2002

Inherently safer analysis of the attainable region process for the adiabatic oxidation of sulfur dioxide, Venkata Udaya Bhaskar Challagulla

Polymer mobility and adhesion in thin poly(methyl acrylate) and poly(methyl methacrylate) films, Bhavesh C. Gandhi

Simulation of complex chemical reactions in a stirred vessel, Joshua David Gross

Epitaxial Electrodeposition, Hiten M. Kothari

Preparation of a CoTPP [cobalt (II) tetraphenylporphyrin]-containing hydrocarbon plasma polymer and investigation of its reversible di-oxygen sorption, Swapnil A. Lengade

Enhancing the reactivity of soy bean oil towards free-radical cures, Vishal Midha

Convective-diffusive transport in Krogh Cylinder, Nandini Madhukar Sane

Molecular dynamics simulation of nanoscopically confined systems, Saroja Saroja

Kinetics of solubilization of an oil drop by a surfactant solution from a solid surface, Rajesh Shah

Traditional compared to injection moulded application of adhesion promoter, Maninder Singh

Optimization of a two-drug delivery to a tumor, Xiujin Song

Plasma enhanced chemical vapor depsoition of tungsten carbide films on iron, Narayan Vaidyanathan

Theses from 2001

Effect of polymers, salts and their mixtures on the formation of dental plaque, Ondrea Bermudez

Mixing in chemical reactors with a competitive-consecutive reaction, Jayraj Ashwin Doshi

Characterization of powdered activated carbon, Riteshkumar Jain

Kinetic studies of the ultrasonic epoxidation of fatty acid methyl esters, Mohanram Jayaram

SRET evaluation of conversion coatings on aluminum, Shantanu Vijay Patwardhan

Enhancing the reactivity of soybean oil toward free-radical cures, Utpal Mulchand Shah

Theses from 2000

Modeling the two-phase epoxidation of an olefin, Harshal Prakash Deshpande

Thermodynamically efficient distillation: NGL fractionation, Manish Goyal

Effect of solvents on short peptides structure: a molecular dynamics study, Rakesh Jayanthilal Jain

Enzymatic modifications of soybean oil to improve its lubricating properties, Sudhir Lamba


Characterization of silica particles using experimental methods, Siddhartha Nahar

Modeling the ultraviolet photodegradation of rigid polyurethane foams, Christopher Robert Newman

Reconstitution and characterization of membrane proteins, Sarah Mia Pates