Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Dissertations

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Dissertations



Dissertations from 2017


Experimental study of natural convection heat transfer and gaseous dynamics from dual-channel circulation loop, Ibrahim Ahmed Said Abdallah


Investigation of local velocities and phase holdups, and flow regimes and maldistribution identification in a trickle bed reactor, Mohd Fitri Bin Abdul Rahman


Mass transfer studies in heavy oil recovery using solvents, Vijitha Mohan


Atomic/molecular layer deposition prepared size-selective catalysts and supported nickel catalysts, Zeyu Shang


Experimental investigations of natural circulation in a separate-and-mixed effects test facility mimicking prismatic modular reactor (PMR) core, Mahmoud M. Taha


Impact of vertical internals on the hydrodynamics and heat transfer coefficient in a gas-solid fluidized bed, Haidar Moafaq Taofeeq

Dissertations from 2016


Wetting kinetics in forced spreading, Amer Mohammad Al-Shareef


Modeling of rheological properties for entangled polymer systems, Nilanjana Banerjee


Scale-up investigation and hydrodynamics study of gas-solid fluidized bed reactor using advanced non-invasive measurement techniques, Abdelsalam Efhaima


Design, fabrication, operation and Aspen simulation of oil shale pyrolysis and biomass gasification process using a moving bed downdraft reactor, Hassan Golpour


Assessing Freshman Engineering Students' Understanding of Ethical Behavior, Amber M. Henslee, Susan L. Murray, Gayla R. Olbricht, Douglas K. Ludlow, Malcolm E. Hays, and Hannah M. Nelson


Advancing microalgae culturing via bubble dynamics, mass transfer, and dynamic growth investigations, Aastha Ojha


Nanostructured materials prepared by atomic layer deposition for catalysis and lithium-ion battery applications, Rajankumar Patel

Dissertations from 2015


Process design, dynamics, and techno-economic analysis of a sustainable coal, wind, and small modular nuclear reactor hybrid energy system, Kyle Lee Buchheit

Dissertations from 2014


Experimental and computational investigation of flow of pebbles in a pebble bed nuclear reactor, Vaibhav B. Khane


Carbon dioxide - heavy oil systems: thermodynamics, transport and interfacial stability, Truynh Quoc My Duy Tran

Dissertations from 2013


Gas dynamics and heat transfer in a packed pebble-bed reactor for the 4th generation nuclear energy, Rahman Abdulmohsin


Effect of dense heat exchanging internals on the hydrodynamics of bubble column reactors using non-invasive measurement techniques, Mohammed Khloofh Al Mesfer


Scaleup and hydrodynamics study of gas-solid spouted beds, Shreekanta Basavaraj Aradhya


Nanoscale metal oxide and supported metal catalysts for Li-air battery, Kan Huang


Heat transfer and bubble dynamics in bubble and slurry bubble columns with internals for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis of clean alternative fuels and chemicals, Moses Odongo O. Kagumba


Modeling and analysis of dynamic behavior of adsorption stratified column beds packed with partially fractal porous adsorbent particles, Min Li


Behavior and effects of nanoparticles in complex fluid systems, Chen Wang


Gas-solid fluidized bed reactors: scale-up, flow regimes identification and hydrodynamics, Faraj Muftah Zaid

Dissertations from 2012


Meso-scale fluidic devices with chemical sensors for biological applications, Satya Gowthami Achanta


The effect of supercritical water on crude glycerin solution, Jared Bouquet


Organoclay dispersion in linear low-density polyethylene and maleated linear low-density polyethylene via supercritical carbon dioxide processing, Matthew J. Factor


Global homotopy continuation and stability analysis: optimal application to chemical engineering design, David Anthony Harney


Free-radical maleation of poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) in supercritical carbon dioxide and its effect on the percolation and deformation mechanism of layered silicate nanocomposites, Alexandria Niemoeller


Glycerin reformation in high temperature and pressure water, Jason W. Picou

Dissertations from 2011


Surface modification of micro-fluidic devices, Zhan Gao


Biodegradable polymer/clay nanocomposites based on poly(butylene adipate-co-terephthalate) and Polylactide, Mahin Shahlari


Effect of hydrophobicity and surface roughness on two-phase flow in rectangular microchannels, Gautham C. Unni

Dissertations from 2010


Synthesis and characterization of metal decorated bamboo structured carbon nanotubes for hydrogen storage, Sean Charles Mickey


Identifying multiple steady states in the design of reactive distillation processes, Thomas Karl Mills


The functionalization of single wall carbon nanotubes for bioapplications, Pu Zhang

Dissertations from 2009


Rational construction by molecular dynamics modeling and simulations of porous adsorbent media for bioseparation, Enrico Riccardi


Protein responsive synthetic materials for biomedical applications, Youyou Zheng

Submissions from 2008


Polyaniline Nanofiber-Based Gas Sensors, Zhe-Fei Li, Frank D. Blum, Massimo F. Bertino, and Chang-Soo Kim

Dissertations from 2007

Synthesis, characterization and applications of magnetite nanoparticles, Vikram Kumar Kanmukhla

Carbon nanotube supported electrocatalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells, Liang Li


Enzymatic synthesis and characterization of oligopeptides, co-oligopeptides and hydroxy acid capped polypeptides in mixed aqueous organic media, Santhana Srinivasan

Dissertations from 2006

Molecular dynamics study of nanoparticle self-assembly, Xijing Bi

Purification of human antibody from transgenic corn using aqueous two-phase systems, Jinwook Lee

Spreading kinetics of constrained thin films, Saritha Sathyanarayanan

Dissertations from 2005

Adsorption of diblock polypeptides at solid/liquid interfaces, Riteshkumar Jain

Epitaxial electrodeposition of chiral and spintronic metal oxides, Hiten M. Kothari

Molecular studies of peptides at solid-liquid interfaces, Amol A. Mungikar


Macroscopic continuum and molecular dynamics modeling and simulation studies of the transport and adsorption of charged macromolecules in ion-exchange chromatography systems, Xiaomin Zhang

Dissertations from 2003

Separation and characterization of glycoproteins and other biological materials: from reverse micelles to capillary electrophoresis, Ondrea Bermudez

Experimental and simulation studies of two-phase flow in a stirred tank, Maethee Chandavimol

Dissertations from 2002


The modeling and analysis of the electroosmotic flow, diffusion, electrophoretic migration, and adsorption mechanisms of charged and uncharged adsorbates in capillary electrochromatography systems employing charged adsorbent particles - comparisons between theory and experiments, Brian A. Grimes

Resin transfer molding: mathematical models for process control, Lin Lin

Optimization in process design and control: I., Accelerated global optimization for low-order controller design and process optimization, II., Online control of a distributed parameter process: applications in composites manufacturing, David Eldon Schmidt

Dissertations from 2001

Protein adsorption on solid surfaces, Da Song

Equilibrium, stability and dynamics of microdrops, Xianzhong Zhang

Dissertations from 2000

Preparation and properties of plasma polymers containing organometallic (CoTPP) or metal (Be) inclusions, Nancy Elaine Barr


Network modeling of the pore structure of porous media for determining the diffusion and convective flow of a solute in monoliths and columns packed with chromatographic particles under unretained and adsorbing conditions -- comparison between theory and experiments, John Joseph Meyers

Dissertations from 1999


Turbulence modelling of fast bimolecular reactions using one-dimensional equations of change, Yang-Gi Kim

Dissertations from 1998

Determination of the free radical production rate by ultrasonic irradiation in select organic liquids, Karla Jean Bier

Virial based mixing rules in a modified BWR equation of state, Hazem Haddad


Dynamic modelling and optimal control of the primary and secondary drying stages of freeze drying of solutions in trays and vials, Hasan Sadikoǧlu

Dissertations from 1997


The modelling and analysis of the dynamic performance of perfusion chromatography in fixed bed and periodic countercurrent column operations and parameter estimation and model discrimination using experimental data, Glenn Allen Heeter

Dissertations from 1996

Methodology for data modeling for the process industries: conception through programming interface, James Jordan Fielding

Automated development of an application programming interface (API) for an EXPRESS information model, Milind Madhav Khandekar

Wetting kinetics of liquid drops on a smooth surface, Chin-Ming Lin

Dissertations from 1995

Development of an application programming interface to step databases for chemical process software, Yashodhan Keshav Gidh

Unsteady conjugate mass transfer between a solid particle, droplet, or bubble and an ambient creeping flow with an external chemical reaction, Leonid Shamitch Kleinman

Deviations from classical kinetics in free radical polymerization at low conversions, Purnendu Rai


Synthesis of anion exchange adsorbent particles by surface functionalization of polystyrene-divinylbenzene based spherical porous matrices, Anan Tongta


The modelling and analysis of adsorption and elution stages of perfusion chromatographic systems, Yihui Xu

Dissertations from 1994


Analytical, modelling, and experimental studies of the primary and secondary drying stages of the freeze-drying of pharmaceutical crystalline and amorphous solutes, Roberto Bruttini

Fixed site facilitated transport in Co-chelate containing plasma polymer films, Youngson Choe

Dissertations from 1993

A Hexic equation of state and virial-based mixing rules, Sabyasachi Sen

The limitations and dynamics imposed on multicomponent batch distillation by tray hydraulics, Keith George Tomazi

Statistical properties of fluctuating concentration fields convected by random solutions to the Burgers equation: bispectral behavior of exact solutions to the Burgers equation for random initial conditions, Weiguo Zheng

Dissertations from 1992

A study of solid metal reductive stripping involving Cerium(IV) ions, James Donald Dillon


The modelling, dynamic behavior, and analysis of affinity and perfusion chromatography systems, Mark Alan McCoy

Adsorption and diffusion of gases and vapors in microporous media, Karthik Raghavan

Dissertations from 1991

Mathematical models for diffusion in glassy polymers, Farhad Adib


Equilibrium, rate studies, and economic evaluation on adsorption and variable-temperature stepwise desorption, Suvit Kulvaranon

Dissertations from 1990

The application of global homotopy continuation methods to chemical process flowsheeting problems, Soo Hyoung Choi


Estimation of desorbed compositions with variable-temperature stepwise desorption, Chi Min Shu

Dissertations from 1989

Surface modification by vacuum polymerization, Richard Allen Engelman

Dissertations from 1988

Statistical properties of large ensembles of exact solutions to Burgers' equation with random initial conditions, Steven Keleti

Synthesis and characterization of X-ray resists, Arlene Saum Koelling

The preparation of composite membranes by plasma polymerization and their evaluation as gas separation membranes, Paul William Kramer

Vacuum deposition polymerization of monomers with selected structures activated by vacuum UV and plasma, Yun-Siung Tony Yeh

Dissertations from 1987

Effects of melt reprocessing on mechanical and thermal properties of engineering polymers, In-Mau Chen

Mass transfer measurements and electrolyte quality determinations in zinc electrowinning, Ashraf Youssef Ezz-Eldin Hosny

Experimental vapor-liquid equilibria of propyne with propane, propene and propadiene, Edward Allen Kyser

Structure and properties of metal and alloy thin films prepared by plasma-enhanced metalorganic chemical vapor deposition, Tyau-Jeen Lin

Sorption and diffusion of organic vapors in polymer membranes, Chen-Pang Anthony Liu

Electrochemical behavior of zinc and plasma-deposited zinc in sulfate electrolytes, Pei-Li Tseng

Dissertations from 1986


The modeling and analysis of multi-component, multivalent biospecific adsorption, Bo Henrik Arve

Experimental measurements of laser-doppler anemometry in a baffled mixing tank, Kai-Yuan Chen

Surface modification by preparation of buffer zone in glow discharge plasma, Dong Lyun Cho

A study on operation of a 20-inch fluidized bed gasifier with indirect fired tube heating, Wenbin Eric Huang

Equilibrium and dynamic aspects of water/oil/surfactant systems, Myungsoo Kim

The study of plasma polymerization by magnetron glow discharge, Iou-Ning Shyy