Arts, Languages, and Philosophy is a vibrant and diverse department, dedicated to enhancing the experience and education of Missouri S&T's students through immersion in philosophy, languages, media studies, art, film, music, and theatre courses.

Academic Programs include the following:

  • Philosophy
  • Multidisciplinary Studies
  • Modern Languages
  • Speech and Media Studies
  • Art and Film
  • Music
  • Theatre


Submissions from 2017


Chinese Origin of the Term Pagoda: Liang Sicheng's Proposed Etymology, David Robbins Tien and Gerald Leonard Cohen

Submissions from 2007


"That's Hot!" Teaching Paris to the Paris (Hilton) Generation, N. Christine Brookes and Audra L. Merfeld-Langston

Origin of the Gang Name "Crips", Gerald Leonard Cohen and Wilson Gray

Cyber-Physical Systems Distributed Control: The Advanced Electric Power Grid, Bruce M. McMillin, C. Gill, Xiaoqing Frank Liu, D. Niehaus, Adam Potthast, Daniel R. Tauritz, and Mariesa Crow

Submissions from 2006


Thinking Outside the Room: Enhancing Philosophy Courses with Online Forums, Christie Cathey, Christopher Panza, and Adam Potthast


Studies in Slang, VII, Barry A. Popik and Gerald Leonard Cohen

Submissions from 2004


Being in Communication: Walter Ong's Orality and Speech Pedagogy, William Lance Haynes


Original Sin or Saving Grace: Speech in Media Ecology, William Lance Haynes

Spoken and Written Discourse: A Multi-Disciplinary Perspective, William Lance Haynes

Submissions from 1991


Etymology and Linguistic Principles: Volume 2, Gerald Leonard Cohen


Judas Iscariot = Judas the Deliverer, Joseph Wallfield

Submissions from 1988


Etymology and Linguistic Principles: Volume 1, Gerald Leonard Cohen